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On the ground


On foot

Loaf along the lost paths of the Valley, You’ll be spoilt with some extraordinary scenery, and breathtaking beauty. Like the GR652 and 654, jacquaires paths (of which several are on the UNESCO world heritage list) which cross the Lot valley and have etched in the stone of the churches the print of the pilgrims’ shell.

Follow the railways! (Aveyron)

The result of an excellent idea of converting the former Bertholène-Bozouls-Espalion Railway into a 22 km hiking circuit.Vtt voie ferree
On foot, by bike and even on horse back, you cross the SNCF tunnels and viaducts. Torches essential! More information at Bozouls Tourist Office.

Treasure hunt by GPS ! (Aveyron)

19th century treasure hunt with the help of a little satellite tracking ; off you go into a nature trail around the village of Aubrac with your mobile in one hand and a set of clues which will lead you to the treasure. A new generation adventure to be lived out on your own, with family or in a team.

A piece of advice: Make sure your mobile is charged up before you set off!

Maison des accompagnateurs (Guide company), phone +33 5 65 61 24 33

More information on the Aveyron Tourism Website

Hold on, here’s something a little gentler. (Lot)

Hiking in the Lot Valley

If you’re looking for a short stroll (2h), come and explore the more vulnerable natural areas of the Lot and their nature trails. This is what the green Vallée de la Masse, above Castelfranc, and the Planagrèze circuit on the palteau, above the Célé valley are all about. Lot Tourisme

Along the gorges (Cantal and Lozere)

The Gorges du Bes are spectacular, all the way from Chaldette right up to the reach of Grandval, kingdom of the pilgrim falcons. You can start your exploring from La Fontaine de Grégoire, which are charming guest houses located at Saint-Urcize, with some advice from Fred Remise, the owner thrown in for good measure.

Specializing in hiking in the Cevennes, Les Chemins Francis can offer you a week around Mount Lozere and its villages, alternating with some spa sessions at the spa town of Bagnols les Bains.

The Ganil towpath (Lot)

6 km downstream from Saint Cirq Lapopie, a path from the Bouziès landing stage rapidly leads to the Ganil towpath. Extending for almost one kilometre, this path is one of the most spectacular features of the Lot's boating heritage. It was carved out between 1843 and 1847 to facilitate gabarre traffic on the Lot, the opposite banks being too crumbly to take the weight of haulage convoys. The towpath was used for horses to tow barges or flat-bottomed boats, taking local goods towards Bordeaux. Products would include Cahors wines, dried plums, the production of wood turners and particularly taps for wine barrels.

In the 1990s, Daniel Monnier (an artist from Toulouse) decorated the 300m towpath with a basrelief evoking the life of the river making this short walk to Saint Cirq Lapopie unique.

More information about the walk itinerary on Saint Cirq Lapopie website

Puy de Wolf (Aveyron)

Located near Cransac les Thermes,  the Puy de Wolf is the largest Serpentinite massif in Europe. This 134 hectares rock is listed as a Natura 2000 zone.

The slopes of the Puy de Wolf are home to rare and original plants because the rock itself is rare: its serpentinite formed in the earliest times on Earth and by nature not at all suited to plants. Certain species are endemic. At the summit, a viewpoint indicator and a beautiful panoramic view.

The Puy de Wolf association is organizing hikes with local food testing in the summer, more information on


Prepare your journey

Pocket guides for easy hiking : available on the French Hiking Website

L'Aveyron ... on foot - Topo guide D012 - €14

Saint James' way from Le Puy to Figeac - route Lozere - Aveyron - Lot. Topo guide 651 - €15.40

Aubrac mountains route, between Tour des Monts d'Aubrac – between Aveyron, Cantal and Lozere. Topo guide 616 - €14.90

The most beautiful villages of Aveyron... on foot – Topo guide P121 - €9

Le Pays d'Entraygues – between Lot and Truyère (Aveyron) Topo guide 1200 - €9

The Mende regional park and its surroundings (Lozère),  Topo guide P481 -  €9

The Pays de la Canourgue Regional Park (Lozère), Topo guide P487 - €11.90

Aumont-Aubrac region... on foot (Lozère) Topo guide P488 - €9

Saint-Amans region (Lozère) Topo guide P486- €9

Chanac area ... on foot (Lozère) Topo guide P483- €9

Le Chemin de Stevenson (Lozère)Topo guide 700 - €14.90

Lozère… on foot Topo guide D048 - €14

Volcan du Cantal : Pays de Saint-Flour et de Ruynes-en-Margeride Topo guide 400 - €14.90

On the track of the Gévaudan beast ... on foot (Lozère) Topo guide P43A - €14

Lot département … on foot Topo guide D046 - €14

Aveyron Gorges (Lot and Aveyron) Topo guide 323 - €14.90

And on the net :

Over 100 circuits to explore the Lot Valley, from easy to difficult and from 2 hours to a week, all for free to download on the tourist board websites : 





Extraordinary and good fun! (Lozère)

On 22 July 2012 for the 40th edition, more than 4,000 people will have a bit of fun running the Marvejols-Mende half marathon.

More information on



From the high plateaux of the Aubrac to the gracious river bends of the Lot, taking in along the way proud medieval cities and perched villages, a host of paths and roads, drown in the perfumes of wild flowers and liberty… The Lot Valley is a paradise for lovers of the bicycle : Saddle up!

Pilgrims on their bikes! (Aveyron)

The Saint-James way : and why not on a bike?
The chance to pedal past the places in the département that you mustn’t miss, from Conques to the Aubrac plateau.

7 cycling trips for all available on Tourism Aveyron website

Cool, a cycleroute (Lot and Lot-et-Garonne)

Veloroute along the LotImagine little roads very well signposted with just a few ups and downs, which flirt with the Lot. From the confluence with the Garonne right up to the castle of Bonaguil, and which continues as far as Cahors, in total,160 km of country road that everyone can use. Leaflets with all the trails are available in the Tourist Offices along the route.

More information on Lot tourisme website and the Lot-et-Garonne website

The shade of the chestnut trees (Cantal)

In the South of Cantal, the Chataigneraie is a protected conservation area, interrupt only by bucolic villages : Marcolès, Montsalvy, and gentle glens.  In the cycling saddle for a week on the little hidden roads with accommodation. Visit Cantal Destination website

Mende loves cycling (Lozere) 

Four the Tour de France followers, Mende will forever be marked by the stage victory by Laurent Jalabert, on Bastille Day in 1995! And there is now a Mountain Bike Park on the Mende Plateau with packages to suit every age, both little and big, to learn about mountain biking.

More information on the Mende Tourist Office website




Le Vallon de Villaret (Lozere)

A unique leisure park, which puts the emphasis on nature, games and contemporary art.

In a glen of greenery, games, designed by artists, around water, woods, sounds and light. Three hours of exploration for the 2-72 year olds! At Bagnols-les- Bains.

Visit Le Vallon du Villaret


Parks in the sky (Lot-et-Garonne, Lot, Aveyron, Lozere)

- Parc-en-Ciel : like in the Tyrole, tightrope cable, Himalayan footbridge… All the ingredients for testing your taste for daring and adventure all wrapped up in one here. In total: 7 tourist circuits in the trees in 15 hectares of woods and meadows. Thrills and spills, and sporting as well as quite stimulating fun. At Lacapelle Biron (Lot-et-Garonne). Website Parc-en-ciel

- The Cap Nature Adventure Parc welcomes you into the heart of a 3 hectares forest with challenging trails. This is a fun andenergetic activity for both children and grown ups. With trails for 4-8 years old, recreational workshops along the trails, a giant zip line and much more besides, there is something for everyone. If you want more, Cap Nature offers climbing sessions in natural surroundings around Cahors with a professional guide. More information on Cap Nature

- The IFERS, trees from the adventure in Geniez d'Olt (Aveyron). With forty or so suspended games: 7 tyrolian, rope bridges, the cry of Tarzan, nets... Whether you’re on your own, or with the family or even in a group, come and get away from it all in perfect safety in this leafy setting which overlooks the Lot valley. Website Les Ifers

- Du Haut des Branches : in La Canourgue, this adventure park welcomes adults and children for a day of fun in the treetops. The adventures trails in trees allow anyone to take part with 3 different levels for children, teens and adults. There are also 65 different aerial games set in the tops of trees that are not only hugely entertaining, but challenging and adventurous. These aerial activities can be combined with zip lines, foot bridges, swings, bungee lines and netting and there are also picnic, pony and quads areas. This is a must-do family activity that everyone will enjoy. For more information visit Du Haut des Branches


Climb up or down (Lot and Cantal)

- Scale the sides of the Lot Valley, have a go at some potholing, In a sinkhole on the plateaux : with the Nature de Conduché sports bureau, everything is possible! Visit Kalapka website

 - Truyere Aventure At Entraygues-sur-Truyère the Lot is joined by the Truyère, with the impressive Gorges de la Truyère, which cut through the hills of Auvergne to the Viaduc de Garabit, interrupted by a number of imposing dams and beautiful artificial lakes. Only in 1982, the first climbers were attracted by these rocks and the club “Truyere Aventure” was founded in 1992. Today, they have equipped 90 climbing trails. The club offers indoor training and guided hikes. More information on Truyere Aventure


Fauna of the Lot Valley


Bison park (Lozere)

Is that really a bison in the field? No, you’re not imagining it!
Here near to Sainte-Eulalie-en-Margeride, this survivor from the prehistoric age has its own reserve. You visit in a horse-drawn carriage so as not to disturb the animal. But there aren’t any Indians!

Parc a Bison


Wolves park

In Lozere, in the Sainte Lucie park, for the last 25 years, come and visit this conservation centre for this so little understood animal.More than 100 wolves from Canada, Siberia, Mongolia, Poland and the Artic are back once more in their natural habitat living in 25 hectares in semi freedom. The guided tours help the public to understand the animals during feeding sessions, games or when the young wolves are having their vaccinations.

And in the summer, during the "nights of the wolves", you'll be able to have a go at howling with the wolves!

On site, stand alone 2* gites to rent if you fancy spending the night with the wolves

More information on


The Call of the Deer (Aveyron and Lozere)

Who said there are only cows in the Aubrac? From mid-September to mid-October, the deer calls out in the forest. Something you must do : go up to them and listen to them.  But mushroom lovers need not fear : there'll always be a chance to pick some mushrooms to go into a nice friendly evening meal in an authentic stone hut "buron".

2 days starting from 121 euros per person

And also in the Lozere in the Auberge Mas de la Barque (from 84 euros per person) or

La Vallée des Daims (Cantal)

Located in the Chataigneraie, in South Cantal, this deer valley in Junhac is an absolute must for your children. In a preserved 30hectares area, more than 300 animals are in complete freedom. You can get close to the animals and visit the parc either on foot or on a little train.  If you want to stay longer in the area, the Ferme Auberge de la Normandie offers local  meat and regional specialties. Bedrooms available.



And also ...


White gold (Lozere and Cantal)

- Winter in Nordic skiing, downhill skiing, dog-sledding, Lozère in winter offers “alternative living” stays. With more than 500km of signposted slopes, the ski resorts of Le Mas de la Barque, Les Bouviers or Mont Lozère and the Massif de L’Aubrac offer you the chance to practice your favourite winter sport in exceptionally beautiful and preserved countryside, across wooded expanses or on the crests along the peaks.

More information on : Lozere tourism website

- The village of Saint-Urcize is situated in the Plateau de l'Aubrac area and have more than 40 kms of cross country trails. This small mountain village is very charming and peaceful. Lots of activities are offered in the winter, 4 snow shoeing trails, 2 dog sled trails,  cross-country skiing. if you want to stay in Cantal, why not try Pailherols? The ski resort has got 40kms trails : 2 green pistes (6km), 1 blue piste (7,7km), 2 red pistes (11kms and 12kms), 1 black piste (18kms).

Visit Cantal Tourism


On the Green ...

- Villeneuve sur Lot Golf and Country Club : 18 holes course on the slopes of Villeneuve sur Lot. For a real treat, you should go there during the apples and prunes season because the orchards come right up to where you walk by. A real delight! At Castelnau de Gratecambe (Lot-et-Garonne).

- Golf in La Canourgue  : In the Lot Valley, in the Aubrac, the golf offers a hilly course in the forest. You can stay in one of the 8 wooden chalets of in the campsite. For more information visit Golf in La Canourgue

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