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The Lot Valley in the UK press


Articles publiés en 2015

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Why you get  a lot for your money


Articles publiés en 2014

  • France's blue ribbon by Rachel Thornton in French Property News Magazine

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Feast of fruit : discover the Ferme du Lacay in Lot-et-Garonne

  • Happy with your Lot by Emma Rawle in Living France Magazine

Visit the Upper Lot Valley

Meet an Australian couple who settled in Cantal

The Lot Valley viewed by a real estate agent

The Bison Park

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Cycling the Lot Valley

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Exploring the Lot Valley

Estate agent questions : The Lot Valley


Articles published in 2013

  • Transhumance Lot Cantal, by Nick Harman for

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  • Christy Woodrow articles, for Ordinary Traveller

Marcilhac sur Célé
St Cirq Lapopie


Summer in Lot valley

  • Boating on the Lot, by

River Lot, cruising details 

  • France Travel Guide articles

The Lot valley 
Transhumance in the lot valley

The wolves of Gevaudan

Witness transhumance in France's Lot Valley


Rustic France and Chestnut festival


Take a bite of rustic France at the annual Mourjou Chestnut festival

  • Pech Merle caves listed in the TopTen of the best French caves

Pech Merle

  • Escapades en véhicules anciens

Visit the Lot Valley in a vintage car...


The Lot Valley in the UK press


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articles published in 2012
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