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Association et Entente Lot

l'Association pour l'Aménagement de la Vallée du Lot

In 1926, The Lot is struck off the list of navigable waterways. Little by little it loses its status of communication route. The 1960s see the decline of the Decazeville and Fumel industrial basins.
There is a clamour for real solidarity all the way from the source down to the mouth of the river, notably around tourism, which has been a factor in its development.

1969 sees the creation of the Association for the Development of the Lot valley, led by Christian Bernad with 5 départements involved: it brings together all those involved with the basin, the councillors, guild chambers, tourist boards, fishermen, navigation professionals, electricity providers… The first projects take shape around the redevelopment of the river to make it navigable once more.

1980 sees the birth of the Entente Vallée du Lot which, administered by 25 councillors, takes up the torch. Its task: to continue the economic, environmental, tourist and hydraulic development of the Valley.

The stakes are high: to turn the Valley into a thriving and dynamic basin for its inhabitants but also for tourists attracted by the fabulous potential that it has to offer. The environment is also a key word, with the improve the management and quality of the water.

l'Entente Interdépartementale du Bassin du Lot

Today, the Lot is once again navigable over virtually 150 km running through the départements of the Lot and the Lot et Garonne (The Aveyron département should open its first 14km long section by 2011) and river tourism is booming, thanks to the junction with the Baïse and the Canal des Deux Mers. Another tourist success story: the  cycle-route, which links Aiguillon to Bonaguil and goes on as far as Cahors alongside the river. After 40 years of hard work the Lot Valley is on the point of becoming THE tourist destination not to be missed.

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