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On one side the Mont Lozère, on the other the Garonne… And in the middle flows a river, the Lot. Its Valley, like a long blue ribbon, weaves a unique strand of heritage, of culture and  tourism which has developed across 5 départements, for you to explore at every meander of the river. 

At the place where it all begins, the Mont Lozère… a humble source which springs from the earth at an altitude of 1,241metres, amidst wild flowers and spruces. At its finish, the Garonne, opulent and proud, the last leg before the ocean: the Lot has its mouth at Aiguillon. Between the two ends, the river flows turbulently over more or less 500 km…

The Valley, is one hell of a journey through all sorts of countryside: the high plateaux of the Aubrac, which look like the Mongolian steppes; the dense forests of Margeride, haunted by the memory of the beast of Gévaudan; emerald lakes, created by dams; steep-sided gorges, which take themselves for canyons; the rich plains of the Aquitaine, with their vineyards and orchards…

The Valley, is a fabulous journey back in time: from the prehistoric caves of Pech Merle to the mining basin of Decazeville, what a Story! Fortified châteaux and proud country houses which tell the tale of the Hundred Years War; Romanesque churches, sculpted like jewellery, which still resound with the ardour of the pilgrims of Saint-Jacques; the little river ports, living proof of the the boldness of the boatmen of times gone by, who, with their barges laden with wood and coal would make their way to Bordeaux.

The Valley, is an adventure at every meander. A vast playground, for spending your holidays in tune with the 5 départements and the 5 senses…

  • See and marvel at the heritage
  • Feel  your body move whenever you embark on any of the many activities;
  • Touch with your fingers the artistic soul and the savoir-faire of the Valley;
  • Taste the sumptuous treasures of its lands
  • Listen and move in tune to its fêtes and festivals…

Its castles

Medieval fortresses, defensive castles or pleasure residences, from Bonaguil to Cénevières, they inspire dreams...

Its villages & fortified towns

They are called Villeneuve-sur-Lot or Monflanquin ; they have names like Saint-Cirq-Lapopie ou Estaing… All of them reflections of a certain art of living.

the Romanesque art

First of all Conques la merveille. Then the churches of the Pays d’Olt in its red sandstone, La Canourgue and its capitals, Sainte-Urcize…


Its towns & its museums

Medieval or Renaissance, from Saint-Flour to Mende, they are proud of their heritage, rich with their past illustrated in their museums.

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