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Great Chefs


The TOP 5 Great Chefs


Michel Bras The 3* guide Michelin flavour magician dominates the high plateaux of the Aubrac.


Restaurant Bras

Route de l'Aubrac

12210 Laguiole

Phone +33 5 65 51 18 20




Louis-Bernard Puech artisan cuisinier ,1* from the Michelin guide, at Calvinet in the châtaigneraie, and an ardent defender of local produce.


Hôtel Beauséjour

Route de Maurs

15 340 Calvinet

Phone +33 4 71 49 91 68



Alexis Pélissou: A virtuoso at the stoves of the Gindreau, at St Médard-Catus, one of the
Lot’s finest restaurants.


Restaurant le Gindreau

46150 Saint Médard

Phone +33 5 65 36 22 27



Michel Trama:  this fine exponent of Haute Cuisine, A 3 star Michelin guide chef. A stunning And constant record at Puymirol Les Loges de l’Aubergade.


Trama Hôtel Restaurant

52 rue Royale

47270 Puymirol

Phone +33 5 53 95 31 46



Pierre Roudgé: The passion for taste! His takeover of the kitchens of the Grand Hôtel Prouhèze at Aumont-Aubrac has been a shining success.


Hôtel Restaurant Prouhèze

2 route du Languedoc

48130 Aumont-Aubrac

Phone +33 4 66 42 80 07


The Young Chefs on their way up

  • Winner of the famous Bocuse d’or in 2005, 1* in 2010, and  Young Talent** in the guide Michelin in 2010, the very talented Serge Vieira has just opened his restaurant in the beautiful setting of the château du Couffour at Chaudes-Aigues (Cantal). Its modern cuisine with simplicity as its motto, no à la carte menu and just two menus, a ‘small one’ at €45 and a Gourmet one at €80. And it works a treat!

Restaurant Serge Vieira

Le Couffour

15110 Chaudes-Aigues

Phone +33 4 71 20 73 85

  • At Aumont-Aubrac (Lozère), Cyril Attrazic is now the face behind the food at chez Camillou, his great grandfather’s hotel. Modern day cuisine  devoted to local produce, a delight that trickles down the market and gourmet menus. From €25 to €109.

Hôtel Restaurant Chez Camillou

10 route du Languedoc

48130 Aumont Aubrac

Phone +33 4 66 42 86 14

  • Marriage of local produce with the art of  fine cuisine for Guillaume Viala who has just been awarded his  1* in the  guide Michelin. Menu ”Land and Routes” priced €18. At Bozouls (Aveyron).

Hôtel Restaurant Le Belvédère

11 route du Maquis Jean-Pierre

12340 Bozouls

Phone +33 5 65 44 92 66


Cook like a Chef!

At Pailherols (Cantal)

For the sweet-toothed amongst you, Marie teaches the secrets of the chocolate marshmallows, cookies, cakes, tarts… It’s lick your fingers time! €20 for 3 hours. And l’Auberge des Montagnes is an address for the Epicurian amongst you, with its fine restaurant and quilted rooms.

Auberge des Montagnes

15800 Pailherols

Phone +33 4 71 47 57 01

At Saint-Cirq Lapopie (Lot)

An ex of Georges V and a stylist  open the doors of their house to you in one of the most beautiful villages in France: Get down there as fast as you can! You lucky little things, you’re going to be able to learn to cook lamb, truffles, the best food from the Lot. From 1 to 3hours. Prices start from €45.

Phone +33 5 65 31 35 48

At the Hostellerie le Villard (Lozère)

Are you into seafood or shellfish? Fur or feather ? Choose what you're interested in and spend the day lovingly cooking creative and gastronomic delights. The action takes place in the heart of the Margeride.

Hostellerie du Villard

48140 Le Malzieu.

Phone +33 4 66 42 95 03

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